Wedding Trend Alert! What Couples Want in 2018

We’ve been seeing tons of exciting new trends — and some old ones that just won’t quit — as couples continue to try to make their day as special and unique as possible.

The biggest trend we continue to see is personalization — weddings with a lot of traditional elements, but still full of personal twists. Young couples aren’t afraid to deviate from tradition when it suits them — especially if they want to stand out — so it helps to be on the lookout for areas where you can merge the classic and the personal. Oh, and we’re also starting to seeing a little bit of the Meghan Markle effect — but we all knew that was coming, right?

If you’re looking for ideas, here are the hottest trends of 2018 to keep in mind.

Destination Weddings — Whether it’s your specialty or you’re thinking of venturing into the space, destination weddings continue to be a popular choice, especially among travel-savvy millennials. The Caribbean comes out on top with Mexico, the UK, Italy, and Japan also proving popular. Couples want it to feel authentic and intimate with only their closest of loved ones, but also be totally ready for the ‘gram.

Non-traditional Dresses — Around 20 percent of brides are now choosing something other than white for their dress — and only 40 percent of bridesmaids actually wear the same dress at weddings. Take these stats and help guide your bride in picking a dress that’s trendy, flattering, unique, and comfortable. Hello, bridal jumpsuits!

Unexpected Venues — Similarly unexpected venue choices like Airbnb mansions, historic libraries and backyard weddings may also change the art of negotiating and coordinating with venues. This may be a fairly new territory for us planners that have become accustomed to dealing with traditional venues like churches and hotels.

Gender-Fluid Wedding Parties — Forget the sexist divide, wedding parties are now full of mixed gender groups. Keeping that in mind when it comes to styling can put your business ahead of the curve.

Image-Mapped Cakes — Couples are moving way beyond icing flowers — image-mapped cakes are making quite the splash. Showing your clients this trend will open a whole new world for them. You can project virtually any image onto a multi-tiered cake, making it the perfect personalization option.

Greenery — Maybe it’s the succulent trend, but brides are still favoring minimalistic greenery. Budget conscientious couples will love you for incorporating wallet-friendly options like potted plants as aisle decor, moss decor walls, oversized tropical leaf or dogwood bouquets into your designs.  

Locally Sourced — Sourcing elements of the wedding locally is important, especially to millennial couples. It gives a sense of personalization and also gives a more eco-friendly feel. Read up on your local businesses and have eco-friendly options ready to really wow your client.

The Markle Effect — After Meghan Markle’s dramatic veil choice, we only see statement veils growing in popularity… capes and kimonos are also being used as striking substitutes. We’re also forecasting tiaras (Queen for a day!) and effortless beauty choices such as messy buns and barely there makeup. You can also take inspiration from the Royal reception and incorporate food trucks and bowl food into the day. Pizza, tacos, buddha bowls — keep it cool and casual.

An Unusual Guest Book More and more couples are moving away from traditional guest books, into something a little more sentimental. Having other ideas — like personalized Jenga blocks, wedding advice, date ideas — at your fingertips will help give the couple that personal touch they crave.

A Surprise For The Guests — It’s become more common to see guest favors forgotten about altogether. Instead, we’re seeing more surprise entertainment for the wedding guests, as a sort of gift from the couple. Keeping some unique entertainment options (lawn games, sketch artists, tarot card readers, magicians and after parties!) in your repertoire will keep the on-trend couple happy.

Vibe Over Palate — Finally, more and more we’re seeing couples interested in the wedding vibe and feel more than a palette. When approaching design, you don’t need to start with colors anymore — instead, get a sense of the vibe the couple is going for. Romantic? Bohemian? Suggest the macramé trend! Fun and festival-like? Try latex balloon arches or suspensions. Let the vibe help shape the details.

What’s trending for you this year in your business?  Tell us in the comments below!

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