The Secret to Booking More Millennial Brides

Let’s face it — understanding today’s Millennial market can potentially make or break your wedding business. With WeddingWire reporting that 80 percent of couples they’re seeing are Millennials, you really want to make sure you “get” them. Millennial couples are approaching their wedding planning differently with new technology, new aesthetics and a whole new set of attitudes.

Today, we’re letting you in on the best ways to attract Millennials… because it’s all about speaking to what’s most important to them!

1. Be Tech Savvy

Millennial brides are online: it’s as simple as that. In fact, 96 percent of Millennials use the internet when planning their wedding — so make sure that you’re where they’re looking. Building a strong online presence through a website and blog (making sure they’re mobile-friendly!) and social media channels should be central to your business plan and strategy — more on that below.

2. Explore Content Marketing

The key to making digital marketing work for you is to make sure it doesn’t look like marketing at all. Millennials are much more responsive to non-promotional, indirect selling. Post inspirational real wedding stories and tips/trends style blog content that provide useful information, that just so happen to be linked to your business and services. It feels more authentic and less pushy, but you still get valuable exposure for your business.

3. Embrace Social Media Marketing

If there’s one thing that Millennials love, it’s social media. And for highly visual industries like the wedding industry, social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook provide the perfect medium for reaching Millennials. Show off photos of your most recent work and engage with Influencers like leading wedding blogs and fellow peers that have a strong social media following. You can even DM potential clients who seem like they’re looking for guidance. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t forget to hashtag !

4. Keep Your Services Transparent And Authentic

Millennials want to know that what they see is what they get. Just like they will sniff out desperate advertising, they’ll be completely turned off by hidden charges or a misleading website. Being honest about who you are, what you charge, and what they can expect — right from the very beginning — will help earn their trust and, eventually, bring in that word-of-mouth business.

5. Have A Little Budget Empathy

Even though wedding spending is up, you’ll be a better planner and designer if you understand the unique financial situation of many Millennials. On average, Millennials are paying for around 40 percent of their own weddings. The rest of the money is coming from parents, friends, and — if it is coming from the couple — they’re probably also balancing student loan debt or saving for a mortgage. If you see them struggling to afford something, be sympathetic — try to back off or find a compromise.

6. Understand Their Mindsets And Values

Millennials are looking for something specific out of their weddings. More and more, we’re hearing that Millennials are spending more on weddings than Gen-Xers (nearly 10k more, in fact) and that most importantly, they’re spending more money on personalizing their wedding. So be ready with options for personalizations, for setting the mood and the atmosphere — because, for a lot of Millennials, these details are a lot more important than a color scheme.

Little details like Pinterest board collaboration, electronic payments, digital signatures and being available to Facetime or Whatsapp will also ease the process. After all, it’s all about convenience and feeling understood.

7. Be Inclusive

Since 2015 and the legalization of same-sex marriages, we’re seeing more same-sex couples finally able to tie the knot. You want to make your marketing inclusive and understanding of these modern weddings. Not only that, but 40 percent of weddings now have mixed wedding parties — so make sure your advertisements are speaking to this more inclusive, diverse target audience.

It’s a competitive world out there, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t thrive. Understanding the Millennial mindset is key to winning their business and achieving the customer satisfaction and feedback you want. So be open, transparent, and inclusive — your business (and Millennials) will thank you!